Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yo-yo, ya thats right I said it twice!

HELLO! I've been gone for almost a week-since its summer vaca and all! But MAN ITS HOT! Anyway I've read 2 new magazines today and I've been going through old ones trying to get rid of them! (total packrat!) and I've just been thinking about what I want to do with my life! I'm really sure I want to study nursing but I most likely won't work full time in the traditional setting, at least not later on down the road! I'm way to random & untradish. for that! But a few months ago I read an article about how kids and teens these days are doing crazy crap to be considered famous! Like striving to be actresses or singers, but sometimes people will do other stuff to get noticed and how its almost a disease to us. And I have to say I've caught a little bit of the bug! I can't help it-its not really that I can act and want to or that I can sing and I want to (though I'd rather sing). I serioulsy want to be a pro-athlete! I think its because no matter which sport I try (and I've seriously played many over the years!) I've never been good at them! Seriously I try so hard to be a good thrower and its just not enough, I set goals and work hard in practice and even study sports psychology! Yet nothing really gets me as far as I'd like! And somewhere along my travels I heard someone say that everyone has their sport so I guess I'm searching for it. Yet I still want to be a pro and be famous. But I will admit that part of it is being on a team and having that 2nd-fam built in and get paid for it! And I love being a role model- I don't really consider it pressure at least not bad pressure! Its a blessing to me. But anyway thats whats been on my mind for the last few hours!

Now I'm going to find a way to workout without passing out due to heat!


Friday, June 27, 2008

Ah Summer....

I love summer! These are the reasons why!

  • HELLO! No school!
  • Sun
  • Swimming and beaches!!!!
  • So much fruit!!!!
  • Ice cream and fro-yo!
  • Summer jobs=$!
  • Plenty of time to spend with friends and family doing crazy things like swimming, bbq-ing, hiking, bike riding, random games at dusk or during dark!
  • Parades
  • Fireworks!!!! I LOVE FIREWORKS!
  • Cute animals are out even more!
  • people are focused less on work and school and getting ahead, we're all too busy enjoying the sunshine! (hopefully!)
  • Walking places instead of driving, or freezing if you do walk!
  • Everything is green and sunny!
  • Flowers!
  • fresh fruit and veggies
  • Lemonaide and Iced Tea

Okay I could so keep going, funny thing is Summer isn't my favorite season, well actually I love so many things about each season I don't really have one. But anyway! One thing thats driving me crazy is when "seedless" watermelon still have seeds in it! Reminds me of Rugrats when Angela told the little kids watermelon trees were growing in their stomachs because they ate the seeds! Still freaks me out! lol

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Crazy Crazy Summer!

You know how the days and weeks of summer just start to run together? Generally I think thats a good thing, unless they're going by WAY too fast. Kinda like this summer! (Can you believe its the end of June already? We just got out of school last week! :S ) But the days and weeks running together gets really really tricky when you have a work schedule that isnt set in stone, and its random and sporadic at that! I get worried I'm going to screw up my shifts! :S I have to say I'm totally beat! Watching Wimbledon all day and going for a run (hey it was a hard run!) I have to find out when Maria Sharapova is playing though! Must watch! Ok-I'm gonna get right on that and then go to bed! TTYL!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Stare Stare....Stare!

I just went for a run a little while ago, and it drives me CRAZY when people can't stop staring @ me!!! Drives me nuts! Too many American's have no idea what exercise looks like so they STARE at me "what's she doing?" Anywho....

I am officially in love with Selena Gomez and Demi Lavato's web show on YouTube! I know I'm kinda old to be watching it, but I do have a little sister that showed me the 1st one, so there's a small excuse! lol But they are HILARIOUS! My fav one is when Selena gets a new shirt...I can't remember what its called but go to youtube and search Selena and Demi show! Its there! Watch them, I promise you'll crack up!

Now I must go do some sort of work! :S Why on earth do we have to do summer homework? Whoever thought that up is a very not cool person, and obviously had no life! Not that mines fantastic, but still its not bad enough to have enough time to do summer friggen HOMEWORK! (my rant for the day! :D )

Happy Monday (summer mondays are way better!)


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Long time, no see or write!

Hey guys! I haven't blogged in forever, manly because I've been super busy and I also got kinda bored with blogging! But I am no longer bored, well with blogging, because I've decided this blog is going to be my random rantings and what ever random things pop into my head! I think I'm going to go revamp my background and stuff 1st, then actually update stuff later! ttyl!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Lesson learned!

Jealousy! The green monster we should all truly be afraid of! It can hurt people beyond belief...and I've learned that its better to get it out! Even if its just writting it on a piece of paper & then ripping the paper and making confetti...then trying really hard to get past it! Most likely by then writting down what your gratful for, and maybe some big dreams, and keeping that piece in a place you can see it! Even if you don't think jealousy is an issue for you now, keep this in mind, or try it anyway, you may find its just deep inside. Trust me get it out and take care of it! No matter the feeling, if its not positive get it out and done with! AND no matter whats going on take a min. to write down the things you are thankful for, it helps with the holiday stress, and makes you feel better!

Happy Holidays! (& remember to LIVE LAUGH LOVE)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am the WORST blogger ever! I'm sorry...I was sick 2 weeks before thanksgiving...then slightly Wow....I have a new @ least (very very min!!!!) once a week! I actually have a huge to do list for school/the holidays/other random commitments! I need to update my planner actually! I'll post some funny pics to make up for my MIA-ness & to add some smile to everyones stress! Though I really hope your holiday stress hasn't started yet...and that it won't either!

ha! Pretty funny!

haha! just to cover all possible questions i guess?

shouldn't the cops being doing something about that??! sad...but kinda funny!

Thats just plain cool!

this is just tooo ironic!