Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I am the WORST blogger ever! I'm sorry...I was sick 2 weeks before thanksgiving...then slightly Wow....I have a new @ least (very very min!!!!) once a week! I actually have a huge to do list for school/the holidays/other random commitments! I need to update my planner actually! I'll post some funny pics to make up for my MIA-ness & to add some smile to everyones stress! Though I really hope your holiday stress hasn't started yet...and that it won't either!

ha! Pretty funny!

haha! just to cover all possible questions i guess?

shouldn't the cops being doing something about that??! sad...but kinda funny!

Thats just plain cool!

this is just tooo ironic!


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Buenas noches!

Hi guys! Sorry for the absence! I had a wicked bad cold! I didnt even work out last week! Thats rare for me! Anyway! I've always been obsessed with Traveling! But now I'm recording Sam Browns Passport to Europe almost long as I remember! The BEST Christmas gift I've ever gotten was my Dvd player/recorder! I highly HIGHLY recommend one! And I've been working little by little on my spanish! I don't think I'm going to be able to fit the class into my school I'm teaching myself! I bought a 9 language basic cd-rom its awesome-9 languages! like Spanish, Russian, Chinesse, Japnesse, Portugese, Italian, etc! But its very basic words. So I also have a dictionary and I found the Spanish New Testament for $1! lol So I read that sometimes! And I watch movies I've seen a lot in spanish-well sometimes, being immersed in it is important, some colleges offer intensive classes that last a few weeks, where you seriously learn a language in a few weeks, mostly because you don't hear english at all, only when you call your family, which is only a few times! So I'll try my own less darastic approach! lol And I really hope I can learn a new language every few years! Up till I'm about 90-100! Believe me I'll travel as long as I can! I get a high from thinking about traveling and learning new languages! It makes me feel kinda geeky! In a good way though! Now I must go, and get a little work done, and then get some sleep, since I havent had much this week!