Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ah....The anguish of August! the friggn' Vay! Sports start next monday....And I can't make up my mind! I signed up to try soccer....even though its only a club thing! But XC's an option....and it sounds better than soccer right now. I prob wont be that good...but its trying something new...and proving that I can do it! But the thing that I REALLY WANT TO DO is to sell Mark and My jewelry @ parties and shows...but....ya....asking my mom to let me do that is like talking to a wall! lol A small minded one! So....I have no idea what to do! IM FREAKING OUT!

Also...I started that whole workout challenge thing...and its not over till the end of even though i havent done that well on it...I still really really want to but a sport might mess that up! BUT...Im still really unsure and freaking out! Actually....I'll get on the treadmill now....maybe I'll get some inspiration!?!? lol...or I'll just dream! lol BYE!