Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Buenas noches!

Hi guys! Sorry for the absence! I had a wicked bad cold! I didnt even work out last week! Thats rare for me! Anyway! I've always been obsessed with Traveling! But now I'm recording Sam Browns Passport to Europe almost long as I remember! The BEST Christmas gift I've ever gotten was my Dvd player/recorder! I highly HIGHLY recommend one! And I've been working little by little on my spanish! I don't think I'm going to be able to fit the class into my school I'm teaching myself! I bought a 9 language basic cd-rom its awesome-9 languages! like Spanish, Russian, Chinesse, Japnesse, Portugese, Italian, etc! But its very basic words. So I also have a dictionary and I found the Spanish New Testament for $1! lol So I read that sometimes! And I watch movies I've seen a lot in spanish-well sometimes, being immersed in it is important, some colleges offer intensive classes that last a few weeks, where you seriously learn a language in a few weeks, mostly because you don't hear english at all, only when you call your family, which is only a few times! So I'll try my own less darastic approach! lol And I really hope I can learn a new language every few years! Up till I'm about 90-100! Believe me I'll travel as long as I can! I get a high from thinking about traveling and learning new languages! It makes me feel kinda geeky! In a good way though! Now I must go, and get a little work done, and then get some sleep, since I havent had much this week!