Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yo-yo, ya thats right I said it twice!

HELLO! I've been gone for almost a week-since its summer vaca and all! But MAN ITS HOT! Anyway I've read 2 new magazines today and I've been going through old ones trying to get rid of them! (total packrat!) and I've just been thinking about what I want to do with my life! I'm really sure I want to study nursing but I most likely won't work full time in the traditional setting, at least not later on down the road! I'm way to random & untradish. for that! But a few months ago I read an article about how kids and teens these days are doing crazy crap to be considered famous! Like striving to be actresses or singers, but sometimes people will do other stuff to get noticed and how its almost a disease to us. And I have to say I've caught a little bit of the bug! I can't help it-its not really that I can act and want to or that I can sing and I want to (though I'd rather sing). I serioulsy want to be a pro-athlete! I think its because no matter which sport I try (and I've seriously played many over the years!) I've never been good at them! Seriously I try so hard to be a good thrower and its just not enough, I set goals and work hard in practice and even study sports psychology! Yet nothing really gets me as far as I'd like! And somewhere along my travels I heard someone say that everyone has their sport so I guess I'm searching for it. Yet I still want to be a pro and be famous. But I will admit that part of it is being on a team and having that 2nd-fam built in and get paid for it! And I love being a role model- I don't really consider it pressure at least not bad pressure! Its a blessing to me. But anyway thats whats been on my mind for the last few hours!

Now I'm going to find a way to workout without passing out due to heat!