Sunday, September 23, 2007


Everyone gets stressed from time to time!?!? Its one of those inevidable things in life! But how do you deal? What are your stress busting secrets?

My stratagies vary depending....but tea is a good one! And showering! Long showers are the best! Also going for a run, doing some intense crunches, planks, squats, etc. -that has major benefits since it can help you feel better AND look better! lol Another fav is watching a good movie or show, or even if I dont have a lot of time, find some clips of movies and shows on youtube, watch a music video, or one of those cheesy pieced together movies about the Harry Potter love triangle, or the way that person wanted the Jess-Rory-Dean thing to work out! All of it helps get your mind off of things...and usually make you LAUGH! Laughing is soooo important to me when I want to beat stress! Or just anytime! lol Last and most certainly NOT least, would be a nice piece of dark chocolate, hopefully followed by sleep!

These are mine? What are yours? (I'd love comments on how you deal!)



Gregg said...

I am fond of exercise (although I don't get enough now in Europe), movie-watching, listening to music, occasionally playing violent video games, and procrastination as ways of dealing with frustration and stress. (Not all of them healthy, as you see.) Oh, and cursing and breaking things, of course.

Gregg said...

Off subject: I'm sorry it took me a while to respond to your nice comment on my blog.

You are completely correct -- I am very lucky to be able to travel in Europe for such a long time. I try not to forget that.

Also the opportunity came up very suddenly. I had wanted to travel for many years. If you had asked me in early May if I would ever travel, I would have said "probably not, certainly no time soon". By the end of May, I was making plans to be in Europe for months!

So I've learned that there's no use in trying to predict where life is going to take you. Just enjoy it as much as possible and take advantage of the opportunities you're given.

Best of luck to you in your travel hopes and plans. I hope you make it to Ireland very soon! And when/if I get there, I will post lots of pictures.